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"...I thought I would learn to work with kids, but what I most learned was how to improve my relationship with Christ and walk with him..." - Will Winn

About the Internship

The Highland Park Pres Summer Intern program exists both to enhance our ministry to Kids and Students and to develop Christ-centered leaders for the church and the world.


Each summer, we hire 8 college aged interns who spend 10 weeks serving in one of four ministry age-groups: Elementary, 5th-6th, Middle School or High School. Interns work alongside our year-round staff to plan and teach Wednesday night and Sunday morning programs, meet up with kids and students for various fun hangouts, and serve as counselors on day-trips, retreats and mission trips. We encourage our interns to build relationships with students through which they can share Jesus in their words and example. We pursue a highly relational, energetic, fun and deeply Christ-centered approach to ministry.

Kids Interns In Action - VBS 2016

Student Interns In Action - San Francisco Trip



Even more than we hope that our interns will enhance our ministry, we want to invest in the spiritual formation and leadership development of our interns. Each intern is paired with a staff mentor. These mentors meet regularly with our interns helping them to engage in spiritual practices (Scripture reading, prayer, etc.) that will hopefully deepen their relationship with Jesus. Additionally, the mentors provide feedback and coaching to help our interns develop practical skills that can help them lead on their campus or in other ministry contexts. 

Finally, our interns participate in a weekly reading and discussion cohort with our Teaching Pastor, Charlie Dunn, in order to deepen their understanding of the Gospel and to explore what it means to be a Christ-centered leader in the world. Interns read and reflect upon Tim Keller’s summary of the Christian faith in The Prodigal God. They also discuss topics including:

  • The Story of God’s World Redemption
  • Knowing the God who Made and Makes Sense of the World
  • Valuing Your Work in God’s World  
  • Pursuing Justice in God’s World
  • Seeking truth in God’s World
  • Engaging in Politics and Public Life in God’s World

We will also arrange 1-2 lunch discussions with members from various professions, who will speak to how they approach their work in a distinctly Christian way. 


Serving as a summer intern is a full-time commitment starting Tuesday, May 30, 2017 and ending Sunday, August 6, 2017. Interns will receive a stipend of $3,000 for the summer. You are allowed to take up to 1 week of unpaid vacation.


“My experience interning for the Middle school department at HPPC was awesome.  It was amazing to watch the students grow in their relationships with the Lord. At the same time I was really able to foster my own relationship with God. The staff is so encouraging and fun to be with and to have them as mentors last summer was such a blessing.”  – Elizabeth Davis

“I came into the internship because I needed time to truly learn about my faith. I loved the experience in an almost selfish way: I became a stronger Christian through teaching kids about Jesus. ”  – Webber Beall

“The experience I had this past summer at HP Pres was incredibly uplifting. I loved building friendships with the other interns, and I cannot imagine a job where coworkers and bosses are any more welcoming or fun to be around.” – Lowrie Reniger

“This internship was so rewarding, and I have seen so much growth in my life throughout this experience. Our discussion group opened my eyes so much. I can’t see things the same now!” – Margo Garrigues

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